Local Staffing provides a variety of employment opportunities for Ottawa area job seekers. We are committed to offering an interview and enrollment process that gives our recruiters an in-depth understanding of each candidate’s unique skill set. Our candidates have access to regularly-updated temporary work opportunities, some of which have the potential to grow into permanent positions.

Working with Local Staffing ensures:

  • Weekly payment
  • A representative assigned to your file
  • Opportunities for on-call employment
  • Options for additional training

Temporary employment is a great way for job seekers to explore new work options and career paths. Employers depend on a flexible workforce to make necessary adjustments during uncertain economic times. Employers also rely on a flexible workforce to fill job openings during their business peak periods. These situations offer employment opportunities to temporary workers for short term placements and, in some cases, offer the prospect of a permanent position. Local Staffing can help job seekers find temporary employment during seasonal and peak periods, covering vacation leave, and on short-term assignment.

Local Staffing will work with candidates throughout Ottawa to provide temporary employment opportunities. Temporary positions are a flexible way for job seekers to explore new industries and gain experience. If you are interested in discovering opportunities through temporary employment, the Local Team can help. Please contact us today.

Whether you are looking to launch your career or simply take it in a new direction, contacting Local Staffing is an excellent first step. If you are interested in any of our current or future employment opportunities, please contact us today.