Local Staffing is an Ottawa-based recruitment firm created with the National Capital’s needs in mind.

We provide tailored employment solutions for clients across the region, focusing primarily on Light Industrial, Manufacturing, Administrative Support, Construction, and Customer Service. With over fifteen years combined experience in the recruitment industry, we recognize that each client is unique and the best staffing solutions are customized, specific, and local.

Local Staffing is dedicated to sourcing and providing career and employment opportunities for job seekers in a range of fields across the private sector. We are committed to delivering an interview and enrollment process that allows candidates to expand and improve their search opportunities. Our professional staff are trained to provide a straight-forward and objective assessment of each candidate’s experience and potential.  

We are continually offering innovative hiring solutions to the clients we serve. Whether you are sourcing a specific skill set or managing fluctuating staffing needs, we have a program for you. Local Staffing located is in the heart of downtown Ottawa. Visit us and witness the Local Team in action. See how we can assist your business, or help you find employment and advance your career.